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Open all the senses, all the feelings without adding any opinions, judgements or comments of good or bad...
Harada Roshi

Three Pure Precepts

Mind without a single extraneous speck.Do not kill means also to not have cutting and separating in the whole universe. There are the Three Virtues and Six Flavours: We repent our thoughts and become wise. The Flavours of life are: Sweet, Sour,Salty, Bitter, and Excellent Deliciousness.

Sweet is when we are overly indulgent.

Sour is when we experience disappointment and we get sour.

Salty is so strong that’s all we know, no other flavours come through.

Bitter is complex and has many facets.

When we experience deep desperation we must open a new way; from knowing bitterness comes determination to open a new way and we know the flavour called excellent deliciousness. Don’t stop at bitter. Much failure now becomes transformed into deliciousness. The virtue of deep gratitude is taking refuge in the sangha.

1. To not steal is to not hold onto anything as one’s own possession. We gather and gather. It’s a borrowed body; everything is borrowed. To know this is the same as to not steal.

2. There is no difference in male and female in Buddha Nature.

3. To be not intoxicated, this not only means alcohol, but by our own religion, our interests, our hobbies. Behind our five senses is our activity of mind. We are always trying to get what we prefer and not have to have what we don’t like. This activity of mind is a poisonous serpent, and angry gang. Compelled by like and dislike. To establish that behind all this is our clear Buddha Nature we have zazen.

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