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Harada Roshi

The sea is vast

Umi hiroshite hyakusen cho su
The sea is vast and the hundred rivers flow toward it

This are the words from the fifth section of Hakuin's Kaian Kokugo.
In the vast ocean na matter how much  water is added, it never seems as if there's too much. Likewise, our mind is as huge as the Buddha Land. Einstein said that the greatest miracle in the uniwerse is that we can understand. When we look at it this way, we realize we can hold the entire universe in our mind, in the same way that a drop of dew is held on the leaf. Our mind is so huge, so enormous that it can drink down everything. All truths can be brought into awareness.
When we swallow each thing down, we don't miss the next one; we function totally,aware of every single thing. We have the potential to function and express ourselves in small subtle ways. But when we make everything small by squeezing it into a narrow frame of ego, we can't se with this expansiveness.
In this doing zazen, we realize this mind of " The sea is vast and the hundred rivers flow toward it." We drink down the waters of all the rivers and still don't think of it as a lot. It's this kind of mind we all need to have.
The essence of the Buddha's awakening is not about knowledge. It's not something you can understand by just asking and listening. When you've completely thrown away your small self, when every last speck of thought has been let go of, you'll be able to receive that which surges forth freely from within. 

Shodo Harada Roshi

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