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Harada Roshi

Tea time with Q & A

A question was asked at the tea time:

How much does it depend on our efforts and how much of this path is due to grace?

Answer by the Roshi: The part which is about forgetting oneself, that is where we can make efforts. But once we have done so, then it is up to grace that awakening may happen.

This is what the Buddha realized after six years of ascetic training, that he was still aware of making efforts and of how quiet his mind had become.

So he came down the mountain, drank milk and gruel, and entered his final sitting, where he could let go even of having to let go and make efforts. 

These are the two aspects, of us making efforts and of grace touching us.

Another question was asked to the Roshi: No matter how many efforts we make in our training, is the amount of suffering set that we need to go through in order to awaken? 

Answer by Harada Roshi: It depends on each person´s karma as to how much suffering they need to face and go through on their path, but if they do not resolve it this time, then they will be reborn with the unresolved parts of this karma.

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