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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

Tahoma Fall Colors and quote from Roshi's book Zazen Wasan

"We are in closest touch with our consciousness in its pure state immediately after Sesshin, which is why I always stress to trainees the importance of remaining open and aware during this crucial period. Be careful about avoiding distracting thoughts and, even if only for two or three days, take time to interact leisurely with nature, perceiving things as directly as possible. Observe too the workings of your own mind. The true meaning of Sesshin lies in this time, when we are most able to take in the world just as it is, free of discriminating thoughts and ideation. In so doing we realize that direct perception expresses the essential nature of mind, and become clearer about how every day life should be lived." ~~Shodo Harada Roshi:  Teisho on Zazen Wasan, line...'And Spiritual Training...' page 49.  Sharing with Sangha worldwide the beauty of Autumnal Tahoma San Sogenji. 

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