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There is no need to understand anything...
Harada Roshi

Sun-face, Moon-face Buddha

Nichimen butsu gachimen butsu 
Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha 

The verse is from Master Baso Doitsu. About one month before his death, Baso Doitsu was walking in the mountains and came to a fairly wide-open space. Pointing to it he said, "Bury my bones right here." The next day he was bedridden. The day before his death, the local official responsible for the temple came to visit him and asked, "How are you feeling?" Baso Doitsu answered, "Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha." Sun-faced Buddha and Moon-faced Buddha are two names in the Sutra of the Three Thousand Buddhas. The Sun-faced Buddha is eighteen hundred years old, and the Moon-faced Buddha is one day and one night old. Baso Doitsu was answering that he was both long-lived Buddha and a short-lived Buddha. When there are Buddhas who live eighteen hundred years and Buddhas who live only one day and one night, something like sickness is no problem! We have to see clearly that at the moment we are born, when we give that great birth cry, we are holding on to nothing at all. There is only that great cry, as it is. This is true not only of the Buddha but of everyone. Likewise, the end will come for each and every one of us, whether we're enlightened or not, but those who do not awaken to this truth live a life of delusion, mistaking ego for the deepest value. 

from "Moon by the window"
by Roshi Shodo Harada

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