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There is nothing real to seek 'out there'...
Harada Roshi

Spring Sesshin in Hokuozan

Bottom row: Silvia Nick Griffin Seishin Annkatrin Yowa Onwa ROSHI ShoESeijitsu Seitoku Jurgita Jochi Alvita Clea Arune Adel

Standing Row: Gustavo Seijun Zenetsu Hokyo Kaisei Myorin Doshin Jörn Dori Koetsu Wojciech Guus Sozen Seiga Leon Anna John Bue Zentetsu Philipp Betti Soken Doken Ina Jorin Maja Gensatsu György Marko Akos Komyo  

Not on Foto: Shinnyo

Sesshin Closing Poem
Having encountered the Mystic peak
no self no other - all is close by
Playing in the mountains - crossing through waters
I leave it up to you where to go
Still winter air remains
the early plum blossom
speaks of eternal spring

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