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The stone lantern doesn`t need to explain oneself. Neither does a tree, the sun or the rain...
Harada Roshi

Sogenji Update

A new grave was added for the recently passed on Ikeda Takamasa, the last fudal lord of the Ikeda clan.

The name of his still living wife Princess Atsuko is already engraved in red letters.

The water in the late is extremely low, the boat is touching the ground and the stones are exposed like never before.

The lake is actually leaking from the sides, and it will need major repair work.

Barrier free Sogenji - the Zomu repair team has replaced these boards, no more steps here. 

Lotus gardener Takeno-san is happy that the lotus naturally spread all over the lake. Now it is the season for their dried leaves....

...   and most beautiful colours everywhere ....

last two pictures by Daishu - thanks !

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