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Go for the root...
Harada Roshi

Shodo Harada New Year Poem

Happy New Year of the Sheep 2015

There is nothing that surpasses the experience of Kensho
Developing samadhi is not the point
Advertising sheep meat on the sign, but actually selling dog´s flesh
Until Kensho has been experienced for yourself
You cannot take a break

For Zen students the experience of Kensho is utmost important. Don´t see working on the form of samadhi, developing samadhi as the point. Or else your practice is like putting up a board announcing sheep meat for sale, which is of highest quality, but what you are actually selling is the meat of a dog, which is the lowest of the lowest. If your practice of Zen is simply observing the form and working on your samadhi, it is like hanging out a notice board, announcing your great state of mind, but there is nothing alive there. Until you have experienced Kensho for yourself, you cannot rest.

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