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Harada Roshi

Sakura blossoming

Thank you Kanseisan
Yamada Mumon Roshi once drew a circle and wrote on top of it “What is That”. Later on he himself gave an answer: “If it would be a bowl of noodles I would eat it.”
What is it that makes the cherry trees at Sogenji’s pond flower every year again? “Even if you cut open a branch of the tree, you would not find a cherry blossom in there” teaches Harada Roshi.
So we just gaze at the flowers with a honest heart that somehow feels wonder and amazement.
The same heart, I believe, as Kanseisan, the late senior priest of Sogenji who brought those special willow like weeping cherry trees from China and planted them by the pond.
He had kept Sogenji for many years nearly alone enduring times of shortage and hardship.
He had a reason to be proud and joyful, when in his later years Sogenji became a training place for foreign students from around the world with the arrival of Harada Shodo Roshi.
When the cherry trees by the pond would flower around the time of the spring equinox, Kanseisan would come out to stand by those trees and gaze at the flowers, being a flower himself.
Thank you Kanseisan for all this feast of flowers.
During these days Sogenji kind of becomes a site of pilgrimage with hundreds of informal pilgrims of all ages coming every day.
They bring their school children in groups and their elders from the old people’s homes, to join in nature’s celebration of ever again renewed life in early spring. (Ekei)

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