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The problem is that people do not know their place of return...
Harada Roshi

Rohatsu Ceremony

To study the way is to cut off the root of life
The pure cold has penetrated to the bones, yet reaching all heavens
Seeing the morning star do not be careless about awaken to true mind
Why all these efforts? When the grace of the Buddha is realized no suffering exists.

Sangha Members  ....from left to right

1. row:
Daichi (USA)Agata (Poland) Ichido (Japan) Shogan (Poland) Bodhiprajna (India) - Harada Roshi– Ekei (Germany) Shunko (USA) Jusen (USA) Jiko (Poland) May Lee (USA) Doho(Spain)
2. row:
Masako (Japan) Seishin(Russia) Sojun (Japan) Michael (Canada) Seiki (Latvia) Daniel (USA) Genyu (Poland)Zenryu (Lithuania) Komyo (Denmark) Ramona (Germany) Dogen (France) Domyo(France) Dace (Latvia) Xaro (Spain) Jikishin (USA) ShoE (Germany) Daiko (Denmark)
Sogen (Japan)Daishu (Germany) Bulshim (Australia) Hori (Germany) Soshun (France) Ninsei(Poland) Mendhe (India) Gensatsu (Denmark) Junsei (USA) Ekun (Poland) Amos(Israel) Sergey (Russia) Sokyu (Hungary)

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