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Zen training is done with bravery, it is not a decoration for our life...
Harada Roshi

Point directly to Mind

Jikishi ninshin
Kensho jobutsu

Point directly to Mind
See your true Self and realize Buddha Nature

The Buddha 's incomparable teaching, the Path of awakening, cannot be taken lightly. It's attained through diligence in practice and by enduring that which is difficult to endure. You have to be willing to throw your self away completely, beyond what you imagine possible. If you think you already know something, you won't be able to realize this Mind .
Niso Eka had read and studied all of the philosophers and still wasn't satisfied. So he went to see Bodhidharma and said, ''My mind can find no relief . Please liberate me."" It took a depth of experience to take this request, and Eka was willing to put his life on the line. ''Bring me that mind , and I will pacify it for you ." Bodhidharma wasn't playing with words. He could see that Eka had come to the end of what could be spoken and conceptualized and gave the last slash.
Eka replied, ''I can 't do that. It can 't be found ."
Bodhidharma said, ''See ? I have pacified it ." The mind isn't there; it is not there! If you truelly understand this, you will know true peace and the end of all doubt. Tat place where there is not a thing to hold on to, nothing to seek, nothing to clutch: here is true peace.

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Shodo Harada Roshi

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