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Harada Roshi

Ofuro - the Bath

Traditionally the ofuro is called Kaiyoku 開浴 "Opening the Bath", it is one of the three places in a zen monastery where silence is being observed. 
Upon entering the bath, one does sampai to Badabara Bosatsu who himself attained satori when entering the hot water.

One place the clothes in these wooden boxes before entering the bathing area

Traditionally there is only a bath of Teihatsu days, all days that end with a 4 or 9. During OSesshins on the middle and last day, and during Rohatsu sesshin only on the day after one week of sesshin.

In Sogenji there is a bath during non Osesshin days daily...

...which is being fired with wood from Sogenji´s mountains by one person during samu time.

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