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Harada Roshi

Ocean Day Zazen

Every year Harada Roshi travels by night train to Tokyo, in order to spend the following National holiday "Ocean Day" doing zazen and supporting Shogen Daishi and her group in Tokyo. Shogen Daishi shared some pictures and wonderful impressions of the day, see below.

This year, for the first time, it was held at Shogen's home; the small annex cottage where her father lived until last year, had been named Tekisui An and was made into a small zendo for the day. very very tiny, but a precious space in the middle of Tokyo. - Roshi enjoyed direct interaction with the participants who see him, basically only once a year on this day. - Several questions honestly revealed the anxiety of ageing alone in the big city, how to develop sangha and what is the correct way of dealing with the increasing population of mentally hurt people. - "In essence, whether you live and age alone, or sit with a sangha, what is being questioned is the quality of your own connectedness to the source - how deeply are you in touch with your own essence? Even if you are alone, if you are deeply rooted within yourself and connected to your own essence, there is nothing you are missing by not sitting with a group. Even if you get together regularly with a group of people, and think you have a friendly sangha, if you do not share the same purpose, that is, to realize on our own essence, of who we truly are, then you are just forming a friendly circle, not necessarily a sangha." Roshi also shared the story of how important trust is. Shogen's father 's one year memorial was also served prior to the meeting; Roshi also showed in person what we can do with someone who cannot speak by spending intently some moments with her mother.

Tokyo offers such wide variety of sitting groups but those who have met Roshi once, cannot forget how special this meeting is. Few had to leave before the group picture, but the day was supported and appreciated by some 18 people. Participants invariably were struck by the energy of Roshi, reminding everyone of the same source existing within us always.I share this with great joy and gratitude for the worldwide sangha for keeping this dharma going at all local places in the world.

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