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Harada Roshi

Ko! Kan! I!

Ko! Kan! I!
Observe! Reflect! just that!

Master Unmon preferred teaching with one—character Zen expressions and often used these three: K0, “Observe!” Kan, “Reflect!” and I, “That!”. This became known as Umnon’s “three-character Zen.”
When monks came to Unmon with Dharma questions, no matter what they asked, Unmon would say, "Ko!Kan!I!" But of course hisa teaching was not about explicating the names of charcters themselves. Unmon would not have bothered with using words just for the sake of their meaning. Yet we can use these three expressions to see our own footsteps, to clerify our true deep Mind, and know our own Clear Nature. Through them we may taste Unmon's infinite flavor.

Shodo Harada Roshi

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