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Harada Roshi

Jumokusou at Sogenj

Jumokusou sou at Sogenji樹木葬@曹源寺 パパとママ、二人の遺灰が一緒に
On November 23, 2015, one year from Shougen's mother's departure from the body , a young pine tree from the hills behind the temple was planted on the grounds of Sogenji as a memory for her and for her father who passed two years ago.
Both parents were supporters of Sogenji sangha; for every Osessin, Father wanted to nourish sangha by providing protein tofu  while Mother donated candies for sarei at night. Their ashes were sprinkled into the grounds of Sogenji near Momiji dani, at the root of the pine tree. This ceremony is called Ju sou, or Jumoku sou, the funeral or memorial ceremony thru planting trees, a Buddhist tradition. The spot was chosen by Roshi, who said: Every year, on the last day 12/31, we chant sutras to all buildings of Sogenji, and we come here too. This is where Benzaiten used to be, the Goddess of Water to whom ancient training monks prayed for the successful breakthrough.

If you return to Sogenji next, please pay a visit and say hello to them, tell them how well your training is going. I'm sure they'll bless you with a big loving heart!

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