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If the messenger is attached to the ego, then all the information gets dark and confusing...
Harada Roshi

Jukai Ceremony in Tahoma


Daichi Zenni translates Shodo Harada Roshi's words at Jukai for three students at Tahoma Zen Monstery, Whidbey Island. Jisho, Myokan, and Fukuo took vows and received names. More videos on the Youtube page (click youtube label on video). 

1. Dharmakaya: Clean Pure Light in a Moment of Your Mind 

2. Sanbodgya : The undifferentiated Light in a moment of your mind. 

3. Nirmanagya: The Undiscriminating Light in a moment of our mind.

These are the states of mind of the Buddha to which we are giving our deepest belief and vow to realize. To become this state of mind gives us this bright transparency. It is in perceiving from that Mind of Bright Transparency that we are able to give life to the true Universal Dharma. We live through our senses and from that state of mind and clarity of transparency and then every single thing we see with our eyes, when it's from from that place, is true. What we hear, what we smell when coming from that state of mind every single thing we perceive is the truth. 

To take refuge in the Buddha is to bring everything into that Truthfulness. All the people that we encounter and live with we see them all as people of the path. To see them and relate to them in that way is taking refuge in the Universal Sangha. Please Chant together these refuges: "Awaken to the Universal Buddha, Awaken to the Universal Dharma, Awaken to the Universal Sangha. I take refuge in the Buddha, I take refuge in the Dharma, I take refuge in the Sangha. I take refuge in the Buddha, honorable above All, I take refuge in the Dharma, honorable for its freedom from attachment, I take refuge in the sangha, honorable for it's harmony." 

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