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Harada Roshi

Jikishin kore dōjō

Jikishin kore dōjō
Direct mind is the place of practice

These are the words of the great layman Vimalakirti. One day as Koun Doji was about to leave the city, He met Vimalakirti, who was just returning. He asked Vimalakirti where he had been, and Vimalakirti replied that he was coming from the dōjō, the place of practice. Since there was no dōjō except for the Buddha’s, Koun found this mysterious and asked Vimalakirti to explain. Vimalakirti answered, “If you think that a dōjō is a place or a building, that is a problem! If you think of it as some building that you can enter and leave, then the essence of your mind will be always changing. The Buddha said, ‘If you continually actualize this Dharma wherever you are, then the Dharma body will be ever realized, and that is without death'. When the Buddha was saying this, was he talking about a dōjō of form and location? There are many sacred sites, but where is the living Buddha? When our mind is liberated, everywhere we go is a place of practice. When we understand the Dharma in our deepest mind, then every day we are with the Buddha, no matter where we are.

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