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Harada Roshi

January Osesshin Teisho Day 5

Master Daie says of how clearly seeing KaUnshi experience is, prior to your words there is already a well realized truth here. All the Sutras left by the Buddha, they are not the experience of the Buddha, they are not Buddha´s deepest mind essence. We can read and study without experiencing it, and it is only readying and often misunderstanding of his words. This happens in any era. It is not about comparing the various Sutras, and discussing which interpretation is more accurate. It is not about going for the leaves and the branches, it is about going straight for the root and dying completely. Any mental interpretation is mistaken, if looked from the experience of the realization. You say you want ot express your state of mind to me, but as you take your brush and paper to write the letter, you have already seen what you want to say.
Buddha was awakened in 52 different levels, the first of this states is clearly seeing. From the place of deep mind, the source behind words and adjectives can be seen, there is no need to meet you on how you say it to me.
First there is the place mind to mind transmission, if one´s basic truth is the same to another´s basic truth then we can see the source of the state of mind that is manifested. And from what state of mind they are coming forth, we don´t need an explanation from them. But for someone who has not had this experience, even to say it to them would have no meaning, they would not understand this.
Master Daie says as one of deep rebirth we know there are difficult things concealed and how everyone is struggling for success and power.  But to put that aside and keep the bigger picture in mind, one that is deeply awaken will not be moved around by any of this. The way the things work in this world you know well by being in the middle of the political hub, but to not be moved around or upset by anything that comes to you. To use this, he urges him to to go to an even higher quality of state of mind.

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