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The problem is that people do not know their place of return...
Harada Roshi

Indozan experience

Ikko Zenji Diary

Helping Indosan sogenji Zen monastery, India
Arriving with the local bus from Adilabad at 7AM to indosan sogenji is a welcome relief from the busy cities.
A wonderful location in the outback with cotton fields and a small mountain range, Bodhi has been working hard to get the main building ready for zazen (big zendo ) and for cooking and people to stay. There is still work going on, on the main building. But that doesn't keep us from having a daily schedule with 3:30 am sitting, 4:00am choka and sitting. 6am preparation for breakfast. For samu we have been cleaning out rooms and the kitchen. started a vegetable garden, making a bookshelf, doing repairs, Bodhi supervised the work going on, a full time job here in India.
At night we sit from 6 pm to 8pm with sutra chanting. From 8:30pm till 9:30pm occasionally an English class. For a group of people coming all the way from Adilabad.
We did Rohatsu sesshin for 7 days with a small group with others coming in and out.
Sunday there is a zazen kai with people coming to sit and help out a bit.
Takuhatsu is done in the villages,where people (follower of Dr.Ambedkar) donate rice , dal, oil, etc.
At the moment the construction of the gate has been started so that the place get a decent entrance and more monastic feel . Things are progressing well with the planted trees growing and the Buddhist getting more involved and excited.  

 Lay women participation is increasing, so I would like to invite a women zen practitioner to encourage Indian Buddhist women in their practice from one drop zen group. Pls contact me , if anyone would like to help with this project. Shaku (Bodhi)

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