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Harada Roshi

Indosan Sogenji August events

Teisho in Indozan Sogenji

Jukai ceremony

Opening ceremony of RACK house

The Indosan Sogenji monastery has been developing strongly and was a place of several events in the month of August. 

In the past weeks Bodhi and the team planted more than 500 trees in the grounds of the monastery. Newly added water tanks make it possible to water plants frequently, even in the destructive heat of the Deccan plateau summer, therefore Indosan is becoming greener. As such it attracks more daily visitors from the area to come here and spend some time in tranqulity.

The new building, called the RACK house, with the Hondo and several dormitory rooms has been completed, there are just some work left on the roof, along with a big statue of the standing Shakyamuni Butsu that will overlook the property. Shakyamuni is also depicted in two other new statues, one sitting and one doing the takuhatsu, the alms begging.

In the month of August also a new smaller building was built that provides some more lodging space.

The August events in Indosan started on 11th with a week-long Karate-do camp that was conducted by Seiga and me, Seijitsu, from Slovenia with the help of two of our ODZ group members that joined us on the trip to Indosan. The majority of kids and grownups attending the camp came from the Maharashtra neighbouring state. Though practitioners were of different age they all showed great motivation and put a lot of efforts in grasping techniques and getting that Budo can be a significant part of a Zen practice as a whole. At the end of the camp we organized examinations and all examinees passed the test for the yellow belt and received the certificate for it.

On the 18th Roshi arrived to Indosan accompanied with Gensei Zenji as his assistant. It was also the day when participant from states of Telangana, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Delhi started to gather here for the sesshin which started with Roshi's kokuho in the evening of the 19th. Although devoted Buddhists the majority of the gathered sangha is not that much into Zazen practice, but still they put great efforts in the sitting. Achieving success in maintaining silence outside of the Zendo was for many something completely different. So, the sesshin therefore had a little unique flavour. ;)

Roshi's teishos were oriented towards basics of the Buddha's teachings and how to apply them to our daily lifes. His words, translated to Hindi by Bodhi were followed with great interest. Besides the regular teisho each day of sesshin he gave another extensive lecture on how to correctly perform sitting meditation. It was quite obvious that participants payed attention and put all Roshi's instructions to immediate application.

The sesshin was finished on the morning of 24th and was shortly followed by the Jukai ceremony for the sangha outdoors under the tent. It was performed in a so-called Indian style with about 30 minutes of bowing and paying homage to the Buddha.

In the evening of the same day we had a celebration of Roshi's 79th birthday with a three-story cake and snackes in a relaxed, friendly and happy atmosphere.

On the day of the 25th Indosan was visited by great number (about 1.400 persons) of guests from various areas of Telangana and Maharashtra states for the ceremony of the opening of the RACK house. Then a public event of the International Buddhist Youth's Organization took place with Roshi giving a speech followed with speeches of Bodhi and organization's representatives of various states, that is Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, etc. It all had great motivational effect on the audience, which also resulted in friendly acquainting during the feast and spending time around the monastery buildings and grounds that followed.

Mid-afternoon Roshi and Gensei left Indosan and returned to Sogenji. The four Slovenian members are still here helping Bodhi and the sangha with cleaning and spending practice time together.

Gassho from India.

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