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Harada Roshi

Guidance for Psychologists

The ODZ Hamburg Sangha has been very happy to welcome Roshi to a special event in Hamburg. As some of the Sangha members are expressing their Zen-practice through their daily life job as psychotherapists, the idea came up to share our teachings also with other psychotherapists.  Encountering mental suffering is a very challenging job, so a deep wisdom practice for sure would be essential. We have been very lucky that Roshi agreed to our request to realize an event, especially for psychotherapist. Mainly through the organizing power of ShoGen this event then indeed could take place. Round about 30 psychotherapist (plus some Hamburg Sangha members) took part at the event. Roshi gave an one hour talk on Zen-Practice and afterwards has led a 15min zazen meditation. He spoke about the challenges and suffering our modern society is producing and how unsettled the world has become. He then talked about the urgent necessity for us humans to overcome the darkness in our mind and realize the big light we are all endowed with. He also addressed how important it is for the psychotherapist himself to overcome suffering by letting go of the three poisons greed, hate and anger and realize this great inner light, so that she will be able to encounter her patients with this bright mind. It was a very inspirational talk and also the meditation was full of energy. We are very happy that the event could take place and hope with this great support of Roshi to contribute sowing some seeds of wisdom in the field of psychotherapy. 

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