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Harada Roshi

Guidance at the time of Corona #3
Dear All,

Are youtaking your breathing as most important?

When wewere born, we would express naturally, smiling, laughing, crying. We were notinvolved in the outside world yet. At that time we were doing Tanden (abdominal) breathing at that time. The abdominal pressure working well. This was ourstart, then our youth, adulthood and old age come along. When we are young, wecan lively our daily life and can be active. Our tanden breathing is used whenworking, moving and using a loud voice. We do not need to learn this tandenbreathing, we are able to use it naturally.
Yet we receivemany energies from the outside and from our emotions, we get angry, we getgreedy, we carry grudges, become jealous, sad, worried, unsettled and becomecaptive of our emotions. Thus we lose our ability to breath with our tanden andbecome emotional, our breathing being shallow and a balanced breath turns intoa confused breath. We lose our wide and expansive breathing. The outcome beingunsettled in our mind.

Actually wedo not need to learn something this complicated as tanden breathing. When wewere young, we already used this kind of breathing, Once we start to protectour position and ideas, clashing with others, we confuse our original breathingand cannot use it anymore.

I am nottelling you something special, but only pointing out, that we need to take thisoriginal breathing as most important. Yet during many years in our daily lifewe got stuck to outer ideas and made it more difficult for ourselves.

The idea ofan I confuses our breathing. Let go of the idea of a self, work for others, becompletely what you are doing and right there the original tanden breathingappears again.
A shallowbreathing without any strength makes us become heavy and dark in our mind. Livingin this world with a huge, warm, loving mind and act from there, this refreshesalso our breathing.

Please lookat this carefully, and you can see how we should be now, how we should react –this becomes obvious. There is no need to practice a form of breathing. Ratherdo not get stopped by the emotions and ideas arising, by the idea of ourposition and self. That is what is important now.

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