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Harada Roshi

From Shogen to Shosei

Tributeto Sei-san (Shosei Daishi) - DailyPractice wisdom passed down in sangha 

Ilearned of Sei-san’s passing through this Onedrop Network and was reminded ofnumerous ways she made my training days easier and more doable. WhenI started to go to Sogenji Osessins from Tokyo, she was the guesthouse keeperand before my very first Osessin in 1999, she went through the entire schedulewith me, giving me tips as to how to handle certain tasks within the limitedtime, how to prepare what for which occasions. Since none of these were clearlywritten anywhere, how much this helped to go through the 7 days of newterritory is beyond measure. Evenonwards, she continued to support not just myself but anybody in need, with herwit and experience as she had taken many positions within the Sogenjiresponsibilities. I remember her clear, unyielding expressions fondly, and alot of those were what she had learned as an early student of Roshi when moredetailed teachings of day to day might have been addressed directly by him. Butone very specific words she murmurered one morning after the morning zazenremains forever my treasure. Itwas one of more relaxed morening at Sogenji, no osessin, just morning zazen andduring those days we all walked on our own to the breakfast. Gettingouf of zendo,  Sei-san turned around andwith her husky voice, murmured; “Boy,sitting is such a straneous activity!” Straneous…the word echoed inside. Englishbeing my second language, I try to understand its meaning…I think this is usedfor a physical activity…and it WAS about a very physical activity, which to me,was such a revelation. Ofcourse for those practicing daily, this is probably nothing new, but to me whowas just getting started, these words coming from her somehow made its meaningvery real and had an impact on my sitting since then. Thereare many such moments not just with Sei-san but with many other old timers ofSogenji. Ireflect back on those days and renew my appreciation for all the teachings notonly from Roshi and Chisan, but also from those before me and around. Mayall of the onedrop worldwide members, old and new, continue to bring zen toeveryday life, under our incredible teacher and his fearless senior students.

 Gassho Shougen,Tokyo ODZ

 Thephoto of Sogenji lotus taken by Shosei Daishi. Seisan would print photos and make such cards as gifts.

 In appreciation for Roshi’s first visit to Brisbane this month 

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