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Harada Roshi

Four Benefactors

In the Honzon Eko read every morning during Choka, it says:

We humbly request the Three Treasures to lead us to true wisdom. We dedicate
the merit of reciting the Heart Sutra to Shakyamuni Butsu and
celebrate his supreme enlightenment. May we fulfil the obligations to the
Four Benefactors, benefit all living things throughout the Three Realms, and
help all beings attain perfect wisdom.
All Buddhas throughout space and time; all Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas; the great Prajna Paramita.

The four benefactor ? 四恩総報 Suin Sun Po pronounced in Japanese,

 - The obligation to our parents. If we did not have parents, we would not have been born and raised.

- The obligation to our country. The country, our place where we live and can feel safe.

- The obligation to all living beings. For us to be able to eat, live, wear clothes - for that we need the work and support of other living beings.

- The obligation to the Three Jewels. Respect towards the Buddha who realized and taught true nature, teaching the Dharma, and the Sangha, who even now still continues the practice.

Thanks to these four benefactors we can live and train and be supported on our path. Once we have experience realization of not being separated from society, realizing that huge mind which connects us all, and creating a society without fights, then we have repaid our obligation to the Four Benefactors.

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