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Harada Roshi

Children Chakai


November 3rd: After the monthly Bishamon ceremony in Sogenji a group of children guided by their tea teacher Toyama sensei was this time in charge of serving macha green tea to the guests. Inue Hinakosan, the young girl who performed the otemae (preparing tea in prescribed form) is 13 years old and has been practicing the Way of Tea during six years. The youngest member of the group is five years old. The two bowls with tea and sweets on the black tray is the offering for the victims of the tsunami and earthquake big disaster of east Japan in 2011. The incense container for the sandal wood incense chips is presented for viewing on folded paper and at this occasion has the shape of a little seagull. The single flower in the arrangement is just starting to blossom. Plenty of colours on the teacup for the main guest.

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