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Harada Roshi

Change of positions Rainy Season 2016

Jikijitsu   ROSHI  

Joko                  DOHO EKEI SOGEN DAISHU

Jisharyo           JOKAN Daishi KERSTIN Daishi  RAMONA Daishi  

Zendokan        DAICHI Zenni

Densu               SOGEN Zenji BODHIPRAJNA Zenji  SOKYU Koji  

Fuzui                DAISHU Koji SEISHIN Daishi

Tenzo               SOKUN Zenni HORI Koji 

Enzu                 DOMYO Koji  SEBASTIAN Koji 

GuestHouse   JIKO Daishi JUNSEI Daishi 

Zomu               EKEI Zenji   

HakkakuDo    DOHO Koji


Zendo           DOHO Koji DOMYO Koji SEBASTIAN Koji JOKAN Daishi KERSTIN Daishi RAMONA Daishi 

HokuOzan Sogenji   SHOE Zenshi

Tahoma San Sogenji   DAICHI Osho ROSHI

Indosan Sogenji           BODHIDAMMA Zenji

New Mexico                  SOZUI Zenni

Denmark Mui no Shinnin Zendo DAIKO Koji

Enso House Kango       DACE Dashi

Shofuku Sodo                GENSEI Zenji 

Explanation of positions:

Jikijitsu 直日  - The head monk in the zendo, looking after the sangha during zazen and samu 

Joko 助香 -  "Supporting incense" the  monk (in Sogenji  it can also be lay people, yet with many years of training experience) who take over  when the Jikijitsu  is busy

Jisha 聖侍 - The "back gate" of the zendo, serving  tea, looking after the needs of the sangha, keeping an overall view on who is missing, looking for them,  looking after the sick

Zendokan 禅堂看 - a position special to Sogenji, being the window to Sogenji, taking care of sangha matters and  making decisions about  who is allowed to come to  Sogenji

Densu 殿司 -  The caretaker of the Sutra hall (Hondo), leading the sutras,  taking care of special ceremonies,  teaching the mokugyo

Fuzui 副随 - Caretaker of the administrative quarters, of special events and guest, answering the telephone

Tenzo 典座 -  The main tenzo, overlooking the daily cooks, shopping, organization of supplies and for special events

Enzu 園頭 -  The gardener

Guesthouse ゲストハウス - The caretaker of the guesthouse

Zomu  雑務 - a position created by the Roshi, for repairing and building

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