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Harada Roshi

Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect (innen Inga) was discovered by the Buddha. 

For example take a grain of rice. If you do not plant this grain in the earth, then the result of a rice plant will not appear. To plant the rice seed in the fields is called karmic connection. Due to the karmic connection, the potential of the seed is given life. This karmic connection depends on many conditions. Whether the soil is poor or rich, the weather conditions, the kindness of the farmer. Fertilisers, rain....there are many conditions which affect the rice seed. If the karmic connections are good, the harvest is plentiful. If the conditions are not favourable, the harvest will be small. 

This also applies for Buddha Nature - even though all being have Buddha nature,whether efforts are made or not brings forth a different result. In this way we are not tied to the law of cause and effect. Humans can use this law of cause and effect. Using their wisdom and vow and unending possibilities are being brought forth.

All that which we express through our self awareness is karma. Why is that? We have developed our values based on the information we gathered from our parents friends society and on those we base our judgement. They cannot be ignored. All chances in society get created based on this karma, there is good and bad karma. Yet that which is not karma is beyond understanding and decision making.

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