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Harada Roshi

Annual Leader meeting in Szczecin Poland

Left to right front row: Myokan (ODZ Riga Latvia) Seigen (ODZ Szczecin Poland) Wako (ODZ Szczecin Poland) Dorota from local sangha, Ikko (Holland) Genyu (ODZ Szczecin Poland) Martina from local sangha ShoE (Hokuozan Sogenji Monastery  Germany) Jigen (ODZ Basel Switzerland)

Left to right back: Tsugen (ODZ Kaunas Lithuania) Shinnyo (ODZ Budapest Hungary) Iza from local sangha, Sottaku (ODZ Odense Denmark) Gregory from local sangha, one more member from local sangha, Daiko (ODZ Vig Denmark) Genko (ODZ Vilnius Lithuania) Taikyo (ODZ Budapest Hungary)

The annual leader meeting took place last weekend in Szczecin Poland. The Polish ODZ sangha represented by Genyu Koji, Seigen Koji and Wako Daishi greeted us with great hospitality. We were able to discuss practical pointers concerning sesshin organisation and procedures and shared harmonious sangha time. Here are more fotos. Thank you all for continued efforts in practice with your sangha.

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