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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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Yesterday 6.06.2013 in Gallery111 in Szczecin, special event had place.

Geometrical Aquarelle from 1963-2013 painted by Uszula Broll is an unusual exhibition... it is more a journey, through one of the lanes of wide road She walked in space of contemporary Polish painting.
This works requires contemplation, inner silence, to open in front of us worlds of light and shadow, color and drawing, shape and symbol, structure and amorphous, to bring forth peace and wonder.
Zenkei Shibayama famous saying is: "Flowers does not talk"... similarly aquarelle of Mrs. Ursula seems to be the recording of Her intimate experience of reality: shape, texture, light, smell, taste, but also events, memories, dreams, sorrow, joy, and all that is beyond the world of form.

Mrs Urszula told that all that years She is practicing Buddhism, and that the words written by The Roshi especially for this exhibition, are the most beautifull and hiting the point comment that was written about Her and Her life.

The Roshi's words are:
 " I would like to give this exhibition the guiding words of a circle and "FUSHO FUMETSU" which means "No birth no death". It is only the borrowed form of the body which we need to return, yet that is what we truly are and what Usula has created with Her art and Her being, will stay and remain, giving inspiration to all around Her "

Mrs Urszula Broll

Some works from exhibition:


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