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Let go of the separate version of who we think we are...
Harada Roshi

Ajusco-ji first sesshin

Entry Altar.


Zendo light.

Samu by the Tea Gardens.

Sunka raku an


All finished.

Bosen an

Not allowed in the tea garden.

Changing colors.

Blooming Cherry.

Morning Glory.

Wisteria Garden.

Momiji and oak roof.

Wabi Basin.

Fern Garden.

Grass Roof.

Around the ferns.

Flower Garden.


Chi Kung.

Preparing for Tea Ceremony.

Tea bench.

Tea scroll.

Tea Master.

Eating meals.

Zen Garden.

Sitting by the sand.

Kinhin path.

Group talk and Altar.

Ejo Takata´s Han.

The valley behind.

Our wonderful host.



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