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Manifest this place of holding on to nothing at all and deepen from its wisdom...
Harada Roshi

Tokyo Itteki Kai

The last Monday, being a National holiday in Japan (Ocean Day), the Roshi travelled by night train to Tokyo for the Tokyo Itteki Kai, which comprises of monthly groups that meet in two locations; the Hobbit Mura in Tokyo and in Chiba prefecture. Below some impressions of the day:

The pair-massage like picture is our regular preparation before sitting; We help each other let go of all the muscle tension in certain areas to quickly prepare from the stressed city person's body to a more relaxed receiving body before we begin our sitting.

We displayed the calligraphy on the walls by the stairs leading up to the place.

It is held on the third floor of a hippy building, Tatami room is rented behind the bookstore where they sell books on natural, spiritual psychological healing. The petite gallery space at the corner of this small bookstore became a meeting place for individuals. (the picture is roshi and the manager of the bookstore)

Because of the housing situation in Japan, we are always looking for a place to meet, always have to reserve in advance and wait for the lottery- if more than one group wants to use on that day, then they draw lottery. The bookstore Hobbit Itteki is our home base where we reserve a day every month one year in advance. Tokyo participants are ready to have a retreat somewhere - maybe in Sogenji soon.

I invited Roshi at the university I taught till 3 years ago- one of the graduate who heard and met Roshi then came today 7 years later, saying that he has not forgotten that meeting. He intends to do training at Sogenji - a Chinese man who is determined to introduce this to his home country.

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