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Zazen is the essence of mind as is...
Harada Roshi

New Year Poem

New Year Poem Heisei 25 Nen Hebi-Snake (Chokudai: Tatsu-Stand)

乾坤呑却絶疎親   Kenkonwo Donkyakushi So Shin wo Zessu
随処無相立処眞     ZuishoMuso Rissho Shin nari
入草作蛇無限意   Hebito natte Kusa ni iru Kagiri naki I
萬民悉愛願常新   BanMinkotogotoku Aisu Negai Tsune ni arata nari
右   古錐叟

Drinking down the Universe, all dualism is extinguished
When no fixed forms are anywhere, then wherever you stand is true
Entering the weeds and becoming a snake, our boundless intent
Is to be ever fresh in our vow to love all beings.

   *     When our mind is empty, where could dualistic thinking linger? 
  **    These are words of Master Rinzai, being a true master means to live from our                   formless, clear nature always
 ***   Becoming a snake means to live together with all suffering and struggling beings,           right in the same deep grasses
****  To love all beings equally, not some more or some most, and not mentally, but in             each hand movement, each footstep, in everything we see, in everything we say
          (footnotes by Daichi Zenni)

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