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Harada Roshi

Kyojoshiki - Tea License Ceremony

Today, even though it is the second day of Osesshin, the Kyojoshiki will take place. This is a once a year event of the Bizenryu, when the tea licenses are being handed out. Since Watanabe Junko became the new Shihandai (main responsible and teacher) of the Bizenryu tea school, this day has been a day of training for the tea school students and teachers. Doing zazen together, eating in the monastic way with Jihatsu eating bowls, and listening to a Dharma talk by Shodo Harada Roshi on Gutei´s One Finger, which was never used up his whole life. 
The Bizenryu was founded by Haruasako, a feudal lord over 300 years ago. Ever since then, the Tonosama feudal lord, has been the IeMoto (literally: source of the house), yet after the war, the abbot of Sogenji has been asked to become the IeMoto. Ippo Osho (Kansei-san) was the first IeMoto. Being a tea master himself, this position seemed quite natural. Now Harada Roshi is the second generation as IeMoto, supporting the Bizenryu with spiritual guidance.
On this day the new tea licenses are being handed to the students. Here you can see Harada Roshi preparing the licenses:

And here Watanabe Junko and her daughter doing the final folding of the papers and writing these notes down officially.

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