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Harada Roshi

Kobatake San

Twice a year Kobatake San comes to Sogenji offering a traditional japanese meal inspired on seasonal themes. She is a Tea ceremony and a traditional Japanese Cooking teacher.

It is her great joy to share in this way with the Sangha; Preparing the food and eating it together in harmony. This year her main inspiration was the baby bamboo shoots that are springing up in Sogenji grounds. Her wish was to have the baby bamboo be very happy: This is why she came and picked it from the ground herself, some days earlier. She also wanted to use every single part of the bamboo shoot on her meal.

One of Kobatake San´s main student and helper after a busy morning. 50 trays were prepared.

Bamboo shoots in every dish. From the most tender inner most part to the hardest outer part (like the thin layer of hard bamboo wrapping the upper left sushi).

Chisan, Masako San and Kobatake San in the center. Thank you for your kind offering!!!

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