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Kenshukai Time

In Sogenji the KESHUKAI season has started. Companies send their new employees to the Zen monastery, to join in the training for 2-3 days. These young adults come from a modern Japanese society, sometimes not familiar with the Japanese customs of eating in the traditional way. In Sogenji they eat vegetarian food, served in the traditional eating bowls. In the morning they join in for sutras (Choka) followed by zazen. During the day the young Japanese  clean and work on the grounds with the whole sangha, helping in the kitchen preparing food. During the day there will also be time for a Dharma talk by the Roshi and time for Shakyo (http://onedropzen.org/news/shakyo_sutra_writing ). 

The Roshi again gives Zazen instructions before the night time zazen, after which they spead out their futons, sleeping in rows next to each other. It is a precious experience the companies offer their new employees, who can learn about their mind and the practice of dealing with challenges as well. There are some companies in Japan, who offer the practice of Zazen regularly to their employees during paid working time.

Most of these Kenshukai are during the first two weeks of April, a busy time for the sangha and the Roshi, who take care of them, but also a lovely exchange for the mostly foreign sangha members with fellow Japanese youngsters.

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