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Harada Roshi

Ikebana - flower arrangement

Horiguchi Masako, the younger sister of Harada Roshi, who lives in Sogenji now, also gives Ikebana classes to neighbors. Here you can see her teaching a small class, explaining the Sagagoryu style of flower arrangement. The Sagagoryu style is very expressive, as you can see in the examples below.

She says: “Zazen is not so easy for me, but when I do flower arrangement, I completely become the flower, the vase, feeling the special expression in each season. Noticing tiny details, whether a leaf twists left or right, how it naturally grows in a certain way, and that is what is being used in Ikebana. With this awareness the beauty in each flower and leaf can be brought to life. That is why it is called a path, just like Zen, forgetting yourself completely while giving life to each moment´s beauty.”

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