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Harada Roshi

Fuji Daisu 富士ダイスー

Tonight Harada Roshi is teaching Zazen at Fuji Daisu. Once a  month Harada Roshi and someone from Sogenji sangha, who drives and also carries the keisaku, go to the factory Fuji Daisu that produce machines with Diamond cutters. The company requests that all the employees sit zazen once a month during their working hours. Harada Roshi first gives reminders about the posture and breathing, then a 25 minute period of Zazen starts. After that a small teisho about how to hold one´s state of mind during this modern, challenging times. Then the next round starts with another 40 employees, in their working clothes, some of them full of oil and dirt from the factory, tired after a whole day of work, yet they do follow the instructions, straightening their back, knowing that this company is caring for them as human beings.

Fuji Daisu started off as a family company, now has 12 factories all over Japan, the founder and head of company, who recently passed away, believed that only if his employees were feeling trusted and centred, that they could do good work. That is why all of them do Zazen during their paid for working time.

After Zazen a delicious vegetarian meal is served, yet all the employees write down themselves, what they took, how many drinks during the day...a trusting atmosphere. The employees come early before work, together they clean the place, sweep outside and do some exercises together. All over the company there are reminders that they are cared for as human beings.

Washing your mind place of training....

There are huge mirrors in all the stair cases where the sign reminds you: Straighten your spine and align your mind.

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