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Harada Roshi

World Sesshins with Harada Roshi

Sesshins with Shodo Harada Roshi


KOKUHO = opening ceremony, please arrive by 6pm on that day


Kosesshin and Osesshin in Hokuozan

19. Kosesshin Kokuho
20- 21. Kosesshin
21. Osesshin Kokuho
22. - 28. Osesshin


Kosesshin and Osesshin in Hokuozan

13. Kosesshin Kokuho
14. - 16. Kosesshin
16. Osesshin Kokuho
17. - 23. Osesshin


Sesshin in Indozan

17. Sesshin start
25. Sesshin ends


Osesshin in Tahoma

Los Angeles Tanden Zendo Sesshin


Osesshin in Hokuozan

16. Osesshin Kokuho
17. - 23. Osesshin

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