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Tahoma -San Sogenji Zen Monastery

For information about visiting
or special events at Tahoma Zen Monastery
please contact Tony Dairyō Fairbank at
phone: 360.331.4142
email:   tahoma@whidbey.com
website: www.tahomazenmonastery.org 


Happy 77 Birthday Roshi 

Walla Walla tribal Chief Don Sampson offers Roshi an eagle feather necklace and his own Bob Marley messenger bag as gifts. 

Walla Walla tribal Chief Don Sampson offers a blessing song to the ancestors. His song touched everyone deeply and united the room. 

Harada Roshi and Daichi Osho Roshi's faces as Roshi's sister Masako san (aka Gensho san) and Kunitomi san surprise Roshi from Japan

Sogen Zenji announced the surprise. Soki Carol Olson designed the cake. (photo by Wajun)

Dairyo Koji introduces the Roshi's dharma talk. Roshi addressed many of the immediate problems of the world today and emphasized why practicing zazen and realizing our true nature, and through this seeing illusion of a difference between 'self' and 'other', is essential to peace between all beings and world peace. 

Daichi Zenni translating 

Kevin, Taigan, and Hoetsu lovingly prepare. Shuho recorded the event. ODZLA flew up to help the party be a success, many sangha put their best foot forward and made happy efforts. Noriko san came from Japan to help. 

Singing happy birthday. Dairin carried in the cake with 77 candles and marshmallows for all the One Drops surprised everyone wth his presence 

Masako san (Gensho) carries out Roshi's everyday Sogenji tray with his surprise okayu supper while Kunitomi san hides under a long black veil. Roshi said for a moment he thought he was in Japan.

All Beings. 

Jisai Kevin and Dairin. 150 people gathered for the event. 

Shinkai, Jokai, and Korin 

Myosho and Seiwa 

Roshi & Sokei 

Shining Dairin 

Roy and Eunice listen as Hogen asks a question 

Photos by Diane Jhueck, Bayview Hall, Sept 10 

Dear friends, 

When I first came to the United States, 25-30 years ago, and for all the excellent kharma connections during that time, and now there is Tahoma as well, and Tahoma is now healthy and active, this is all thanks to Daichi Zenni and all the people here and their love for the Dharma.

I have very many students now, all over the world, I visit them all and I want deeply to connect them all. I will only be active for so many more years, but I feel a deep responsibility to see this happen.

I feel that this marks one of life's punctuations and I feel a profound gratitude for my Dharma connection to everyone. As we all love Tahoma, I ask your best.

Very simply, I am deeply and warmly grateful. 
~Shodo Harada
October 2017  

2017 Dharma Wisdom Talks:
Present Day Reflections on Buddhism

Topics to be announced for the two remaining talks of 2017 season. 


Jan Chozen Bays 

Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi has studied and practiced Zen Buddhism since 1973. She received Jukai (lay precepts) in 1975 and Tokudo, Priest's Ordination, in 1979 from Taizan Maezumi, Roshi. From 1978 to 1983 she lived at Zen Center of Los Angeles, studying with Maezumi, Roshi and directing the Zen Center's non-profit Medical Clinic. She finished formal koan study in 1983 and she was given Dharma transmission (authorization to teach) that same year. Following the death of Maezumi, Roshi in 1995 she has continued her training with Shodo Harada, Roshi, a Rinzai Zen teacher and the abbot of Sogen-ji monastery in Japan.

Since 1985 Chozen, Roshi has been the teacher for Zen Community of Oregon. In 2002 she helped to found Great Vow Zen Monastery and is the co-abbot. In 2011 she also helped found Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple in Portland, Oregon.

She has published many articles about Zen in the periodicals Tricycle and Buddhadharma. Her first book, Jizo Bodhisattva, Modern Healing and Traditional Buddhist Practice (Tuttle, 2002), has been re-issued in paperback as Jizo Bodhisattva, Guardian of Children, Women and Other Voyagers by Shambhala.  She is the author of How to Train a Wild Elephant: And Other Adventures in Mindfulness (Shambhala, 2011), and Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food (Shambala 2011).

Chozen, Roshi is also pediatrician, mother, and wife.

Chozen Bays will speak on Friday Oct 20 @ Water Moon Dojo 4231 6th Ave. NW. Seattle, 7-8:30 pm 

and Sunday Oct 22 @ Tahoma Zen Monastery Whidbey Island
1-2:30/3:00 pm 



Victor Sogen Hori 

Victor Sogen Hori is a Canadian-born scholar of Asian religion, culture, and Buddhist philosophy — Professor Emeritus for the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University. Sogen Hori graduated from Stanford University with a degree in philosophy before ordaining as a Rinzai monk in 1976, spending the following 13 years in training at Daitoku-ji in Kyoto (Rinzai headquarters in Japan). Following his years of training in Japan, in 1990 Sogen returned to his home country of Canada and began his work in academia. In 1993 he joined the staff at the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University. Sogen is (or has been) on the Advisory Council of Enpuku-ji and is a member of the Centre for East Asian Research and the Centre for Medicine Ethics and Law. Sogen serves on the ODZA board of directors. He has authored several books. 

Sogen Hori will speak Friday Nov 10, Seattle at Water Moon 7-8:30 pm 

and Sunday Nov 12, Tahoma Zen Monastery. 1-2:30 pm

{ Local ODZA sangha: Volunteer help promoting these lectures in Seattle is sought. Please spread the word about lecture dates at Water Moon and distribute the fliers we will have on hand shortly. A volunteer who can help contact local organizations and get the info into local papers is needed. Please email or call the monastery if you can help. Volunteers also gratefully welcomed before and after each talk to set up and take down chairs }

Cost is $10 at the door, cash or check.
There will be books for sale.

Wisdom Lecture details and lecturer bios here

Japanese scroll mounting for Harada Roshi's calligraphy now available,
please contact Dairin at dairinlarrick@gmail.com for details.


2018 Calendar with calligraphy and teaching by Harada Roshi now available. Translation by Daichi Osho Roshi. Thank you to Myosho Daishi for more than 25 years of facilitating the arrangement and printing of these calendars. Available at Tahoma Zen Monastery for $15.

"Honor the Buddha, Love Human Beings. Hotoke wo uyamai, Hito wa aisuru. Much ancient wisdom tell us that sharing basic needs, like food and water, is essential to the way of peace. All people need food to eat and water to drink. For one group to amass and hoard more than they can ever use while others have little or none, will never be the way to peace. Rather than tension, conflict, domination, we should aim to educate people with a bright, clear sharing of place and time." 


77 Trees

A log berm. Decaying logs and cleared brush are mounded, covered in dirt, and provide drainage and nutrients for planted trees. 

Roshi's birthday present from the Sangha is 77 trees for 77 years, planted for long term vibrancy and orchards of fruits nuts and flowers for the monastery. Your contribution in honor or Roshi is welcome. 

A project to transform the aging Alder forest of Tahoma into an edible permaculture forest. Roshi wishes to see large oaks planted. A local Gary Oak, native to Whidbey Island, will be used. 

Roshi often teaches us to cultivate a 1,000 year view. The land of Tahoma zen monastery has a weak ecology after multiple clear cutting decades ago.

Working together, enacting a 1,000 year view over 1,000 days, we are planting trees to celebrate what we've received from the past and what we pass to the future.

Seventy-seven trees is a large number and we are not able to plant them in a single season given we need to prepare the forest and organize the work.


 Giving ourselves a thousand days to transform an aging alder forest into a vibrant food forest allows the time to integrate the work into our practise and share the knowledge with as many as wish to participate. - Gensho 

Donate for Roshi's 77 birthday trees and an irrigation system to sustain them here


Squirrels eat the pinecone nuts in this hemlock over Tahoma Office 


Now what is important is what my teacher Mumon Roshi often said. "Be concerned but don't be worried'

Being caring or concerned means to take care of every thing that comes to you; these things cannot just be ignored, we take care of them as they come.

But we must not over worry things.we should not makeup problems for ourselves.

Do not think of what has not happened yet, or to be overly concerned about what has already passed; instead to be like a mirror which just sees things everything as is, with no "then what' or "what if?"

This is Zen.

If we don't do this we give birth to endless thinking, we do zazen to sharpen our concentration so that we can do this. To not escape from the actuality, to face it squarely, but to not add on any thoughts at all, this is the important fulcrum for living, and to do this we need concentration. Sussokan is the best for this, as well as the Naikan way of Hakuin Zenji.

~Harada Roshi Sept 2017


Sitting meditation at the monastery is open to all, everyone is welcome 

Every Sunday in the Zendo 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Roshi emphasizes Sunday Zazenkai meditation is every Sunday at Tahoma Zen Monastery regardless of sesshin schedule or other events at Tahoma monastery.
Sundays from 8 am- 9 am, followed by tea.

Roshi said Sunday Zazenkai is happening at Tahoma year round; he said that people should not have to wonder if it is happening or not. Due to sesshin schedules there may not always be time for tea and conversation afterwards; however, meditation will be offered. 

Occasionally tea with Roshi will be occur instead on Sunday mornings in Feb., May, and Sept. in lieu of meditation.

Daily Zazen at Tahoma

Choka (morning chanting)                  4:50 – 6:00 a.m.
Morning Zazen                                      6: 05 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Evening Zazen                                       6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Zazen (sitting meditation) periods are approximately 25 minutes with a few minutes break in between.   Please be in the Zendo and on a cushion ten minutes before zazen begins.   If you arrive after a period has started, please wait in the entrance area on a cushion until the period ends before coming into the Zendo. 

Chairs and kneeling benches are available.

Residents of the Monastery follow this schedule; however, non-residents familiar with Tahoma are welcome to drop in anytime for one or more periods without previous announcement.

If you are new to sitting at Tahoma, please arrive 30 minutes early, and someone will show you how to enter the zendo and a short introduction to breathing from your tanden (lower belly).  Please wear loose comfortable dark or plain colored clothing. 

Where: Tahoma Zen Monastery Zendo 6499 Wahl Rd, Freeland, WA 98249. Park near the entrance and walk past the office and kitchen down the road to the Zendo. There are bathrooms in the Zendo lobby. Remove shoes, enter the lobby, then bow at the entrance to the Zendo toward the altar and find a comfortable available seat. There is a sutra book for chanting under your cushion. You can sit for one or more periods. During walking meditation the restrooms may be used. If you need to leave the Zendo, please wait until the period ends and then quietly depart. 

 "May we always live in a way that makes us worthy to receive your offerings."     

Help with the garden and grounds at Tahoma always appreciated. 


Head Monk:
Tony Dairyō Fairbank

Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery
6499 Wahl Road
Freeland, WA 98249
Directions to the monastery here.
Email:   tahoma@whidbey.com
Phone:  360.331.4142

4231 6th Ave. NW., Seattle, WA, 98107. 
It is the dark green house across from Hale's Ales on Leary Way. Parking is available on the street, or across Leary Way by the Fred Meyers.*

Water Moon Zazen Sitting Meditation
Monday nights from 7 – 8:30 pm, Tuesday mornings from  6:30 – 8:30 am, Thursday mornings from 6:30 – 7:30 am, and Saturday morning from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. 

Contact: https://www.tahomazenmonastery.org/category/watermoon/

© One Drop Zendo Assn. 2016

© One Drop Zendo Assn. 2016

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