Mexico One Drop 2014

Roshi´s visit in February. Greeting a new day in the heart of Mexico City´s Buji-An.

Children Workshops in Mérida.

Study of Perfections of Wisdom.Our guest teacher Legden brought us all together to hear and meditate on the study of one Paramita per month.

Offering of Light Ceremony.

Our guest teacher Kayoko San, shared her love for Calligraphy and Origami with us.

We practiced with the word "Wisdom". She says that the kanji looks like a broom, and in order to find wisdom, we must sweep or purify our deepest heart.

Patience and Joy.

Martha Joshin in September Osesshin.

Good Day-An in San Nicolás Mexico City.

Buji An in Downtown Mexico City.

Sitting and sharing with the beautiful Sangha in Mazatlán.

Our Day of the Dead offering altar. Remembering those who have passed, honoring our ancestors and asking for their continued guidance.

Thank you all for making this path such a joyful journey for all beings.


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