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2017 Calligraphy Calendar by Roshi

Now is the time to join hands with each other and do everything we possibly can to attain true peace for all humankind.
Now, more than ever, it takes courage. It is time for us to transcend our religious differences and complex doctrines so we can awaken to the shared humanity at the root of mutual trust.
The four directions symbolize human's mastery of the world they inhabit, their essential freedom, and their inherent self-determination. Humankind must take responsibility for itself; human beings are the subject of absolute dignity and respect.
Humans are free, endowed with dignity, wisdom, and compassion. 
We must awaken to our unconditional sovereignty. As seekers of the Way, we must behave as the essential Buddhas we are, and, acknowledging the sacred nature of every being, cooperate to bring true peace to the entire world.
Now is the time!
Harmony is the greatest Treasure, 2017 Calendar from Shodo Harada Roshi. modern day Zen Master

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