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2018 Annual Calligraphy Calendar by Roshi

Here is the teisho for the 2018 calligraphy calendar phrase:

" Honor the Buddha, Love Human Beings. Hotoke wo uyamai, Hito wa aisuru.    

Much ancient wisdom tell us that sharing basic needs, like food and water, is essential to the way of peace. All people need food to eat and water to drink. For one group to amass and hoard more than they can ever use while others have little or none, will never be the way to peace. 

It is taught clearly and practiced in Buddhism that food should be shared equitably, making a bright, clear life and state of mind possible. While this is a Zen teaching, it applies to everyone. 

All actions are practice of the Buddha's way. The way of the Buddha functions the same for everyone and polishes every person's way of being. It does not take the form of specific commands or particular rules. But this constantly honed, consciously lived universal generosity offers a path to a harmonious world.

Hierarchical rule can foster a world of prejudice and resentment. It should be given that humans respect each other's minds -- all the more true for parents and children. This is not about material things. Without real communication between heart and mind, there is no peace.

In the Lotus Sutra there is a Bodhisattva who bowed to every single person he met, regardless of who that person was. Without discriminating, he declared, "I am in no way against you. I know that you are and will be a Buddha. I honor this." it is sometimes said that this story is about Buddha's past life but, inf act, it is about the perfected world of the future.

We must cultivate, in ourselves and each other, the all-embracing capabilities with which we are born: empathy and compassion for all of humanity. Humans live together best and thrive when the society is harmonious. The whole point of human behavior should be to achieve harmony, not to gain power or control. We moderate and align our behavior just enough to promote harmony. Even though we may sometimes fall short of this ideal, speaking immaturely or hurting someone with a rash comment, we can continue to attune our behavior.

In addition to Zen training, Japanese traditions have evolved many paths of deep practice. In Noh drama or calligraphy we find high quality state of mind: harmony manifested in each action. The masters of those paths act with intention, but they are not hobbled by desire or attachment. Their practices have been well cultivated; they are not enslaved by ego. Thus they can function in clear, clear brightness. To become like this is the point of Practice.

Conflict does not bring forth the best of any culture. Rather than tension, conflict, domination, we should aim to educate people with a bright, clear sharing of place and time. "

2018 Calendar with calligraphy and teaching by Harada Roshi, translation by Daichi Osho Roshi. Available at Tahoma Zen Monastery or Water Moon Dojo for $15. 

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