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My zazen although helpful seems ultimately powerless when faced with my addiction. In the moment when the fear that triggers my fleeing into relapse becomes overwhelming I try becoming one with that emotion or with the breath sussokan. However I can't withstand often. Any technical advice?

Since you do not mention what kind of addiction you are facing, I am answering in a more general way. Zazen is about thinking about nothing and yet becoming a Buddha. To not think about anything, that is Zazen. We do have the habit of thinking though, and that is why zazen is difficult for modern people. Counting each breath, we work on creating a new habit for ourselves, where we do not think, where we only become the breathing. You need to stay with this practice also during the day, following your breathing and staying aware of each and every moment, and more and more, extraneous thoughts cannot enter. And you enter a good state of mind free of extraneous thoughts. Your mind becomes huge and wide inside. Addictions is usually about still needing to hold on. That cannot be left behind. You need to entrust your huge mind completely.

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