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How come it is so difficult to bring the state of mind from sesshin to my daily life with my family and work ? What can I do ?

Of course, the best kind of practice can be done in a Dojo. Yet for people who live in society, it is not easy to chose this option. Yet we have to work creatively on how we can give life to the experience made in a Dojo during a sesshin. For that to be difficult, we cannot blame society, because it might need further efforts on how we hold our mind. Easily when back in society, we fall into our past habits. Of course, it is important to take good care of the family and partner, yet after having made the efforts during a sesshin, if we do not perceive any situation as being a place of training, then the efforts have no meaning. The family is our Dojo, while not being moved around by the emotional aspects. The Dojo means we are doing 24 hours a day Zazen. In the midst of our Zazen, we also take care of our family. When we are really able to make it into a Dojo, while being in society with our family and partner, we can practice Zazen all day long.

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