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I felt great fear of dying when I realized that the moment of death will come to me earlier or later. How can I proceed knowing this? I feel that this means that it does not matter how long I live or how I live whether I help others or not as they too will eventually die the same death.

That is why we have training. Because people know that they do not live forever, that is why they treasure that which is forever, Because human´s mind is impure, that is why we like what is pure. This world is imperfect. that is why we seek for perfection. Whether you believe or not, the workings of the mind do not change. Only in this modern age where people have too much knowledge, have become too intellectual, they made their own trap. That is why it is so important to practice the state of mind where we hold onto nothing. While we are alive, we think about death. while we have all, we already think about that which we have to let go of, and our mind becomes unsettled. It is important to know that we all can have the state of mind where we can simply be present. There is nothing eternal in this world, yet the eternal can be found in our mind. There is no perfection and purity in this world, yet we can find it in our mind. To realize the law of the mind that is Buddhism, which teaches that our mind never stops. Flowing water does not rot, yet if the mind stops flowing, it becomes hard. To be filled with fear is a mind that has stopped.

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