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Could you please explain the difference between shikantaza and koan practice? For which kind of person would you recommend shikantaza and for whom koan or practicing with a life question?

Looking at it from the outcome, these two practices should be the same. Why is that? Shikantaza is only true Shikantaza once you have thrown the Shikantaza away. Koans are only true Koans once you have trhown the koans away. As long as there is still any awareness about either left, it is no good. The awareness of the body disappears, Shikataza disappears, becoming the Shikantaza that fille heaven and earth, then for the first time it is true shikantaza. Forgetting the body and the koan, becoming one with heaven and earth, that is the true koan. To say the koan or shikantaza would be better, it develops based on that person´s karmic connection, and to entrust in that is fine. Yet if you do not take it all the way, both are of no use.

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