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Can Rinzai teachings which he gave in front of his monks who in turn were part of some particular and beautiful culture of China in the olden days be applicable to modern western people? The Mind is the same but the Ego structure is so much different Should not teachings be skillfully tailored to each particular case? I can imagine that the teaching will be different for a person who is actively searching the Way as compared to somewhat interested but passive person. Same is valid for other types of Zen students students of different stages of the Way etc.

During the times of Rinzai the political situation was unstable, there were many coup d´etat, no trust in politics was possible and there was a certain unsettledness in society. This is what has to be know about the times when Rinzai was alive. That is why Rinzai came out even stronger teaching about the truth of humans. At times when politics and society cannot be trusted, there is the need to gather strength within, finding the source of it all within. It is not about ego or no ego, but there is the huge need to believe in something or else one cannot live. That is what you can find clearly in Rinzai´s teaching. Because by putting all energy within, there is no need for anything outside to hold on to anymore. Nowadays people make efforts for a few years, but because they still go through the form, we finally lose sight of the purpose and then stop practice all together.

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