The Jisharyo is called the back gate of the zendo, always walking behind the group, keeping an eye on how everyone is doing. Look for people if they are late or missing. Everyone should tell you, if they need to be absent. Also if they have special needs (cold, medicine, chair in the zendo, socks,...) they should contact you. It is your job to keep things running smoothly so that everyone can concentrate completely on zazen. They take care of such things as opening and closing doors, turning lights off and on. If someone has a question, need, or problem, they will contact you. Please ask people to keep to rules and especially look after beginners well.

Procedure for Kokuho and Setsuryo

(beginning and ending ceremony of sesshin)

  • Roshi enters and sits down, Jikijitsu starts period, after one extra bell, get up and go to altar, bow, take one cup and leave Zendo to fetch some water, then quickly return to altar, bow, place filled cup on stand, bow and go to seat

Before Choka

  • Wake up everyone with rattle around the building and also outside according to the time announced (differs in summer and winter).

  • Put on lights in Zendo, put out Roshi´s mat and purple cushion, fill two cups with water

  • Fill cup on altar in entrance with water

  • About 10 minutes before Choka, light candle, incense stick and charcoal (please light in back room and carry it to altar), open incense box (lid goes on the left side, leaning on the side of the bottom.

Procedure for Baito

  • During Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo leave Zendo

  • Add hot water to the pickled plum baito in 3 tea pots

  • Have 3 tea pots and 3 water dumping jars prepared (you can go back into the ZENDO and join in the chanting)

  • After the three prostrations, the Jikijitsu announces BAITO and everyone sits on their knees

  • When everyone is settled in the places, Jisha 1 does 2 TAKU and the Jiki answers with one bell.

  • All three Jishas take their teapot and jar, bow inside zendo, walk up toward altar, bow towards altar.

  • Jisha 1 takes 1 cup from altar, empties water into jar, pours tea into cu, places it on altar.

  • Meanwhile Jisha 3 places teapot and jar at beginning of middle row and takes purple cushion out into the hallway, returns to beginning of middle row, takes tea pot.

  • Meanwhile Jisha 2 Jisha puts teapot and jar on left side of altar, folds mat, takes tea pot.

  • All three jishas when ready bow together to altar face first person of their row, bow serve bow and serve the whole row.

  • At the end they can help serve all rows.

  • They once stand at entrance, bow facing altar, and right away walk up to altar again.

  • They bow facing altar.

  • Jisha 2 and 3 take their jars.

  • Jisha 1 takes cup from altar, empties it into jar, dries it, returns it upside down. Also takes the second cup, empties the water, dries it and returns it upside down.

  • Jisha 1 extinguishes candle with fingers.

  • Jisha 1 also picks up tea pot and jar.

  • All three jishas bow together facing altar, bow to first person of their row, walk along the row quickly and bow again to last person of row.

  • All three Jishas bow together facing the zendo

  • All jishas return teapots and jars onto rolling table.

  • Jisha 1 does one Taku, the jikijitsu answers with two bells and two taku.

  • Meanwhile put tea pots and jars on Jisha table and return to your seats.

  • When Roshi leaves the zendo after short zazen, leave before him putting out the itaten altar into the center of the entrance hall and light candle and incense stick


  • when Roshi leaves the Zendo after Baito and zazen, leave the zendo ahead of him, roll altar table into the center, light candle and incense stick

  • after the last sutra at night in the zendo, leave ahead of the Roshi, roll the altar table into the center, light candle and incense stick and hand out sutra papers as people come into entrance

During Kinhin in general

  • watch who is going to the toilet and once you think that everybody is back in the Kinhin line, Gassho to the Jikijitsu to notify.

  • Please open windows as needed. The Jisha is in charge of good air condition in the zendo.

  • Before each meal

  • Help identify the kitchen helpers so that they leave 30 minutes before a meal

  • When everyone gets up for the meal, open the door to the eating hall

  • Help guiding the rows of people to their places

  • after the meal help identify the kitchen helpers so that they will stay behind and clean up

During Daily cleaning:

  • Every day change the flower on the altar. Leaving the big pine, but add a small natural flower. The one from the day before you can place in another vase in the tea room.

  • Clean the incense burners on the altar and by the jikijitsu.

  • Prepare sarei

  • Prepare offerings for the next day, if needed.

  • Some other sangha members will vacuum or wipe zendo

During Kinhin before lunch, one Jisha goes to kitchen and receives a little food on a plate. He takes it back to the Zendo, lights one incense stick in the back burner and offers the food on the altar while reading a sutra. After the sutra, he takes the plate away again. (not during Samu Sesshin)

Shin jin

Pa Shin Bi Ru Sha No Fu

En Mon Ho Shinru Shano Fu

Sen Pai Kya Shinshi Kya Muni Fu

To Rai A San Miru Sonbu

Ji Ho San Shi Ishi Shi Fu

Dai Shin Bun Ji Suribusa

Dai An Fuen Busa

Dai Hi Kan Shi In Busa

Shison Busa Moko Sa

Moko Hoja Horo Mi

After each meal, one jisha goes back to the Zendo before the group and lights one incense stick in the back burner on the altar and puts out the mat.

After lunch, set up for Teisho.

  • Put Roshi´s white cushion in front of big window facing the room

  • Put out mat in front of altar with purple cushion

  • Place name plate IHAI on altar

  • Fill two cups on altar with water

  • 10 minutes before teisho, light candle, charcoal and incense stick

  • During third Daihishu sutra, when Roshi sits down on white cushion, bring the book stand in, bow and place it before him

  • During the sutra after teisho, pick up the book stand again.

  • During Kinhin after teisho, put back Roshi´s cushion, take out purple cushion, fold mat, empty cups with water on altar, Clean the incense burners on the altar when you have time yet before choka

Procedure for Sarei

  • In break before last period of the day around 9pm go to kitchen and prepare tea. For 70 people we need almost 4 teapots of tea.

  • The candy you can prepare during morning cleaning or anytime good for you.

  • You can place candy and tea on rolling table and bring it quietly to zendo entrance

  • Sit down on your cushions (only the Jisha is allowed to leave and return during a period of zazen)

  • Roshi returns to Zendo after Sanzen, period ends

  • 3 Jishas get up and Jisha 3 gets 3 candy trays

  • Jisha 3 goes to altar, bows, places one candy on altar plate, bows to altar

  • Jisha 3 goes then to Jikijitsu, bows, gives one tray to Jiki, bows again

  • Jisha 3 goes to Roshi, bows, gives one tray to him, bows again and bows to first person of middle tan, bows, gives third tray and goes to entrance, announces the donator of the candy

  • Jisha 1 and 2 get a tea pot and a jar each, go to altar, bow together in front of altar, put jars down next to altar.

  • Jisha 1 (on Jikijitsu side) bows, take a cup from the altar, pours some tea in, places it back, bows.

  • Meanwhile Jisha 2 waits. And Jisha 3 has brought tea pot and jar to beginning of middle tan, places jar at beginning of middle tan.

  • Facing the altar, all three Jisha bow together with the tea pot in their hands.

  • All Jishas go to the first person of their row, bow serve tea, bow and after that continue to serve their row always two people placing their cups close to each other.

  • When coming to the end of the room, the Jishas help each other to serve the end of all three rows.

  • Pick up the candy boxes and place them on the rolling table outside.

  • All three Jisha wait at the door facing the altar for a sign by the Jikijitsu to start the next serving.

  • All three Jisha walk towards the altar together and bow.

  • Jisha 1 takes the cup of the altar, empties it into the jar, dries it and returns it upside down. Meanwhile Jisha 2 puts down the tea pot, puts out the mat.

  • Then all three Jisha take their tea pot and jar, bow facing the altar, go to the first person of their row, bow, and then walk fast along their row.

  • Bowing to the last person of their row again, they bow and leave the zendo. Placing the tea pots and jars onto the table.

  • Then return to the zendo.

  • After Kaichin best to clean up the teapots and jars, because they will be used again in the morning.

  • Leave the zendo before the Roshi at night, put out the itaten altar, light candle and incense, and hand out sutra papers as the sangha enters the entrance hall

General rules:

  • No socks, caps, scarves in zendo

  • No mobile devices in and outside of zendo

  • Maintain upright posture during Teisho

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