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Sitters are asked to maintain as much as possible breath-awareness in daily life while they are away from the cushion. Especially in times of stress or during useless mind-states where endless loops of unwanted thoughts dominate, circling around and around holding our lives captive, we can bring our awareness back to the counting of the breath or repeating a mantra. Recommended are counting the number One over and over again or using ‘gyate gyate paragyate.’

Although in the beginning we start with a strong will to stay with our method, over time we can relax our will, and the method will naturally fall away, leading us to stillness.

The Universe is wise. The Dharma is seeking us as we seek It. Trust in the process. We simply make a commitment to strengthen the method of concentration on counting or repeating the mantra until we can let go. We let go and our mind knows its natural stillness.

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