Zazenkai reflections 11.2016

This weekend again we had opportunity to practice Oneness. This was a chance for us to practice 20 rounds of zazen in 2 day minisesshin, deepenig and strengthening our practice and most precious Sangha relations. There was 8 participants, some had left earlier, but still it is so important to find the time in our busy lives to sit and wipe out the dust that has covered this pure lens of Buddha eye. That sees the whole picture, beyond emotions, fear and personal preferences. Beautifull commentary of the Roshi to "Gyuka Sporei - Buffalo passing through a window" from Hokuozan samu sesshin koan was read during lecture hour:

Goso said, “To give an example, it is like a buffalo passing through a window.  Its head, horns and four legs have all passed through.  Why is it that its tail cannot?”

Mumon's Comments:
If you can open your one eye (to the question) and say an
awakening word, you will be able to repay the Four Obligations
and help the Three Bhava being saved. If you still have not
gotten it, take a close look on the tail and awake yourself.
If the buffalo goes through, he will fall into the abyss,
If he retreats into the enclosure, he will be butchered.
This little bit of a tail, that is a strange thing indeed!

Gassho Seigen

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